UT Aim Co., Ltd.

* Monozukuri suggests hand-on manufacturing, including as its base personal involvement in the production
process and pride in work. We take it to mean “pride and passion” in work and products thereof.

Service model

Our business model matches various needs

Manufacturing dispatching used to function mainly for clients' production adjustments but external factors, such as the revision of the Worker Dispatch Law and intensified cost competition, are forcing a change in its function.
UT Aim provides innovative solutions by responding to our clients' increasingly challenging management issues. This is enabled by our regular employees, who have stable employment and have been well trained and developed.

UT Aim's outsourced service model

Contributing to our clients’ productivity improvement and corporate streamlining

We separate processes into different teams so that the responsibility of each team becomes clear, thereby leading to an improvement in our clients' productivity. We also have a system to quickly respond to a fluctuation in the number of workers, and have reduced operational costs such as those for recruitment, hiring, social benefits, insurance, and salary payments. We thus contribute to our clients' corporate slimdown efforts.

UT Aim's dispatching model

Satisfy urgent needs with our work-ready engineers

It takes time and effort for companies to hire employees, including advertisements and interviews. They may also encounter difficulties in responding quickly when an employee suddenly quits or an urgent order is received. The use of dispatching means that our clients can quickly have the required number of dispatched workers of the required quality.
UT Aim, in particular, can dispatch work-ready engineers who are our regular permanent employees to clients.

In-house solution

Become more competitive with our transfer-type outsourced services

The in-house solution is a business model to accept the client plant's employees all at once as the UT Group's employees and to consign the operation of that workplace.
This solution is appropriate to a client who wants to address a fluctuation in the capacity utilization rate, reduce fixed costs, and raise cost competitiveness.

Consolidated outsourced service

Consolidate workers in manufacturing processes

There has been a shift to outsourced services from dispatching leading up to the day of the conflict (three years from the first dispatch date) stipulated in the Worker Dispatch Law. However, the switch from existing skillful dispatched workers is sometimes difficult.
On top of utilizing our outsourced service know-how, UT Aim accepts those existing dispatched workers as our employees and consolidates the work processes conducted by dispatched workers for the client’s manufacturing processes.