UT Aim Co., Ltd.

* Monozukuri suggests hand-on manufacturing, including as its base personal involvement in the production
process and pride in work. We take it to mean “pride and passion” in work and products thereof.

The No.1 retention rate provides reassurance

No.1 retention rate in the manufacturing dispatch and outsourced service industry
UT Aim is proud of it

UT Aim has acquired an overwhelmingly high level of recognition in the manufacturing dispatch and outsourced service industry.
What clients are looking for today is the provision of consistent quality services.
One of the benchmarks to identify this quality is the worker retention rate.
UT Aim's actual rate is as high as 98%.
This makes us the overwhelming No.1 player, far ahead of our competitors.

Achieving a 98% worker retention rate

UT Aim's monthly worker retention rate is 98%, compared to the industry average of 92%. On an annual basis, UT Aim's retention rate is 76%, compared to 8% for the industry. This means that other companies shuffle most of their workers during a one-year period.

Three strengths brought by UT Aim's No.1 retention rate


UT Aim's employees who have advanced engineering skills and knowledge provide manufacturing outsourced services at the client's workplace.

Compared to the industry's annual worker retention rate of 8%, UT Aim's rate is as high as 76%, meaning roughly three-fourths of our employees work at the same workplace after one year. This enables them to learn skills needed in a particular workplace and contribute to the operation of the high-quality outsourced workplace.


UT Aim provides reliable quality services

UT Aim's experienced skillful employees can provide reliable quality services. It is the human power which ultimately determines the quality of Monozukuri. That is why UT Aim has built a structure from the perspective of employees and workplaces.


UT Aim emphasizes teamwork, which produces the maximum impact

Teamwork is the work style that UT Aim has consistently valued. Teamwork is a base to generate a sense of unity and encourage voluntary Kaizen (improvement) initiatives in a workplace. It also helps to retain employees. Teamwork thus leads to the creation of the maximum impact on the business of our clients.