UT Aim Co., Ltd.

* Monozukuri suggests hand-on manufacturing, including as its base personal involvement in the production
process and pride in work. We take it to mean “pride and passion” in work and products thereof.

Services areas

We provide excellent advanced services in areas that require high-level technical prowess

Our proven track record as a manufacturing outsourced service provider in the semiconductor industry and our employee high retention rate have been highly valued and resulted in our achievement of the No.1 market share. Utilizing such track record and accumulated know-how, we are now expanding our business domains to respond to a variety of needs.
* No.1 in the manufacturing outsourcing industry in terms of a number of subcontracted and dispatched employees in the semiconductor-related industries (internal estimates based on various companies' disclosed materials)

Electronics industry
Semiconductors, electronic components, IT devices, LCD panels, LCD films, printers, digital cameras, home appliances, etc.
Energy and environment
Lithium ion rechargeable batteries, primary batteries, fuel cells, home-use power generation systems, etc.
Welding, painting, processing, assembly, inspection, transportation works of car bodies and automotive components, etc.
Housing and construction
Aluminum sash window frames, steel doors, sanitary ware (wash stand, toilets, bathtubs, etc.), glasses, wool (glass fiber) insulating materials, etc.
Machining of components and molding
Manufacturing of metal components, non-ferrous metals, resin, and ceramics, plastic molding, etc.
Manufacturing of airplanes
Drugs, cosmetics, and food
Manufacturing of drugs, cosmetics, and food