UT Aim Co., Ltd.

* Monozukuri suggests hand-on manufacturing, including as its base personal involvement in the production
process and pride in work. We take it to mean “pride and passion” in work and products thereof.

Top Message

Placing value on “Challenges and growth”, and aiming to be Japan’s No. 1 manufacturing outsourcing service provider and to support Japan’s manufacturing industry

President and Representative Director
Nobuyuki Tsukui

Placing value on “Challenges and growth”, and aiming to be Japan’s No. 1 manufacturing outsourcing service provider and to support Japan’s manufacturing industry

PresideNobuyuki nt and Representative Director
Nobuyuki Tsukui

The environment surrounding Japan’s manufacturing sector is drastically changing owing to decline of the labor population, digitization of manufacturing site operations, and relocation of production bases to overseas. In the midst of such changes, we strive to provide in-depth support to our clients by developing, in advance, services that match the needs of manufacturing sites.

Outstanding hiring capacity

In order to enhance hiring capacity, UT Aim has established a division dedicated to hiring. Influenced by our use of web marketing and IT investment, the number of employees has increased in the past three years. We now have the industry’s top-class hiring capacity. At present, we are hiring about 700 employees out of 4,000 applicants each month, and have adequate ability to satisfy needs of our client plants for large-scale human resource allocation.

Know-how in indefinite-term employment

Since our foundation, UT Aim has been committed to hire regular employees (or indefinite-term employment). As we believe that the growth of our employees leads to the growth of our company, we have created a distinctive workplace where our employees can work and feel assured of a long-term commitment, resulting in raising skills and advance on career paths. Revision of the Worker Dispatch Law resulted in abolition of time limits for indefinite-term dispatched workers and as a favorable effect in increase in opportunities that UT Aim, with its know-how on indefinite-term employment, can effectively make use of.

Enhanced support for employee career advancement

UT Aim believes it is ahead of its competitors in identifying career development as a core strategy. We give career counseling to each of our over 10,000 employees. We intend to guide our people to map out their future and help them advance their individual careers and raise their income, and at the same time to raise our added value and employee retention rate, and ultimately to raise our company’s value.

By taking such measures, we provide a framework to actively utilize human resources across Japan and contribute to betterment and satisfaction of our individual workers and our clients who utilize them. In the past, unfortunately, the personnel dispatch industry did not necessarily have a positive image in society. We are aiming to clear away such an image and to create an era in which our people are proud to be working at UT, and ultimately an era where a “dispatching” work style can be respected in society.
I appreciate your kind understanding and support in our future challenges.