UT Aim Co., Ltd.

* Monozukuri suggests hand-on manufacturing, including as its base personal involvement in the production
process and pride in work. We take it to mean “pride and passion” in work and products thereof.

Corporate Philosophy and Vision

UT Aim strives to be a vigorous "skilled mobile unit."

While the economy is becoming more and more globalized, Japan's industries are in the midst of severe cross-border competition. Manufacturers, in particular, face difficult cost competition with the emergence of China, South Korea, and other Southeast Asian countries, among others.

In this environment, UT Aim was established in 1995 as a "manufacturing outsourcing service provider" that supports Monozukuri, the backbone of Japan's power. What UT Aim does not do is to send individual "temp" workers to our clients mainly to reduce their costs. This is the conventional method. What we do is provide an entire team, or our "skilled mobile unit", to operate a part of the production facilities owned by our clients. This is because most production sites require the teamwork, skills and expertise of each team member and supervisory functions. We are confident that UT's team approach, based on our partnerships with clients, will provide the best possible total performance to them. This strategic-alliance type of outsourcing overcomes the limits of the individual-dispatch type of outsourcing, such as a lower worker retention rate, the outflow of good workers, and concerns over compliance issues.

Our unique style of providing outsourcing services for entire processes as a team of skillful members not only helps raise our clients' efficiency, but also encourages our staff to take on the challenge of advanced Monozukuri and gives them joy in achieving higher goals.

We aim to support and help enhance Japan's Monozukuri. We also aim to provide vigorous workplaces to our employees.

―― Our ambition is incorporated in our corporate name, UT Aim. We will keep growing together with our clients in the leading manufacturing industry, who desire to be more competitive, and together with ambitious young people, who desire to be professionals with high market value. ――

The recent weaker yen has prompted some manufacturers to return their production bases back to Japan. Securing personnel and handing over technologies to the next generation are important management issues for any manufacturer in Japan. I believe there is a chance for us to play a role here, as we have been consistently focusing on manufacturing.
By maintaining strong partnerships with manufacturers, we are committed to contributing to Japan's Monozukuri and the succession of technologies.