UT Aim Co., Ltd.

* Monozukuri suggests hand-on manufacturing, including as its base personal involvement in the production
process and pride in work. We take it to mean “pride and passion” in work and products thereof.

Specialized in growth areas

UT Aim’s business domains are the manufacturing sector with growth potential and high added value, such as electronics, environmental protection and energy, and automobiles.

Expanding business domains by leveraging the No.1 achievement

UT Aim's workplaces are mainly in manufacturing. The UT Group has achieved the No.1 share* in manufacturing outsourcing services of the semiconductor sector, thanks to its track record and its high employee retention rate. By leveraging such achievement and know-how, we are expanding into promising growth sectors for further growth and stability. Specifically, in addition to the electronics industry (semiconductors, electronic components), our target areas include the "environment protection and energy sector," the "automotive sector," which are on a recovery trend on the back of an economic recovery and a shift to new-generation automobiles, and the "housing and construction sector," which is seeing growth in need for post-earthquake reconstruction and increased public spending.
* No.1 in the manufacturing outsourcing industry in terms of a number of subcontracted and dispatched employees in the semiconductor-related industries (internal estimates based on various companies' disclosed materials)

We have various workplaces, from manufacturing to operational improvement, where your talent can be used.

UT Aim is not simply involved in manufacturing process operation but broadly in Monozukuri. When the whole work project is outsourced to us by our client, the capability of our team and individual members is enhanced. Through the use of their enhanced capability, our work domain is expanding into areas such as maintenance of manufacturing equipment and support of the production process. If you like manufacturing operation, you can continue to do this work. You may also have an option to enhance your skills and expand your work assignment.